About Us
About Tien Hsia
  • Specialises in Chinese for children
  • Registered with the MOE
  • Established in 1989
  • Over 25,000 enrolment
  • No. 1 choice of parents
    (based on survey by Forbes Research Pte Ltd)


  • Distinct group of teachers for pre-school and
    primary/secondary programmes.
  • No mixed levels in our programmes.
  • Separate programmes for Higher and Primary Chinese.

Based in a survey by Forbes Research Pte Ltd on Chinese Language enrichment schools registered with the MOE in Singapore, Tien Hsia Language School emerged as the No. 1 choice of parents as a Chinese Language provider.

Proven Methodology

Apart from conventional classroom tasks like reading and writing, our students also engage in lively activities with their classmates and teachers. By stimulating the major senses of sight, hearing and touch, this interactive aspect not only leaves a lasting impression on the students but also reflects our philosophy of balancing theory with practice.

For primary and secondary students, the cultivation of interest and early preparation give them a head start in meeting their school demands. With our clear understanding of school syllabuses and by teaching according to our students’ age group, we prepare them in advance for their schools’ curriculum, listening, oral and written examinations.